Why do we use the word "Toe?"

It started while walking on the beach.

A young girl was going through a difficult time in life and felt it wasn't a good idea to ask her friend for help when she was feeling down. The boy, confused and concerned, didn't quite understand why she felt that she couldn't turn to him when she was feeling down. Her response was short yet one that would never leave the boys mind - "Because I don't want to lose the people closest to me."

While looking at their sandy feet, they decided to come up with a neutral word that had no meaning but would indicate to the boy that something was wrong. Whenever the girl texted this magic word, the boy would simply text her back to ask her how she was feeling.

The word was "Toe."

Although a simple word, this would later prove to be the foundation of an extraordinary idea that would later help us rethink how we go about helping one another get through life's challenges.

We call this, "Social-Therapy." It's about empowering the average individual to make a difference in someone else's life. From that day forward, Project Toe was born.

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